Men's Trousers Dublin

John Taylor is one of Dublin’s best suppliers of quality trousers. From our Dublin clothes shop, we supply an extensive range of Chinos, Cords, Jeans, Wool Trousers and shorts.


All our trousers are carefully selected by our team of buyers. We buy trousers from all over European and make a point of finding the very best trousers designers. We look for quality trousers that are fashionable and available at a reasonable rate.


We also strive to add diversity to our selection of trousers. Our range includes everyday wear, formal trousers and some designer pairs, perfect for social events.

For the very best Men’s Trousers in Dublin, see our selection of designer pairs today.

Men's Trousers Dublin FAQ

  • Do you ship your Men's Trousers nationwide?

    Yes, we ship trousers from our Dublin store to clients all over Dublin.

  • Where should trousers sit on your waist?

    As a rule, trousers should sit just above your waist.