How to dress for any wedding.

How to dress for any wedding.

You got the invite, bought the present, wrote a heartfelt wedding card and booked the hotel. You're all set for the wedding. That is until you double-check the invite and see a dress code you're unfamiliar with.

Maybe that old suit you've dug out of the wardrobe and dusted off won't cut it at a black tie dress code.

Every wedding is unique and, therefore, has different formality standards. Deciding on the right suit for a wedding can be a little daunting. In today's blog, we'll offer tips on picking the right wedding suit for all kinds of weddings.



White Tie Wedding

Ever been invited to a wedding where the invite had the mystifying dress code of white tie? For the uninitiated, a white tie dress code means a very high standard of formality. For the suit, think a black evening tailcoat. Essentially, you'll be wearing an even fancier tuxedo.

At a white tie event, you need to avoid any colour. Your shirt, tie, studs and cufflinks all need to be white.



Black Tie Event

A black tie is a little more common than a white tie event. Still, it can be confusing when considering what you should wear. When an invitation outlines a black tie dress code, it means a tuxedo. Regarding a tuxedo, it's best to go for a no-frails approach. Select a suit with black lapels, and go for a white shirt with a black dickie bow.



Black Tie Optional

We're moving into more casual territory here. But remember, black tie optional is not an invitation to show up in an out-of-date suit and a poorly-fitted shirt.

For the suit, go for the traditional black colour with black lapels. You can add a bit of flair to the shirt. While the shirt should be white, some mild detailing in a bright colour is acceptable. However, that dickie bow has to stay black.




Semi-formal means you don't need a tux but must wear a suit and tie. Most weddings are semi-formal. So dress for the season. For a winter wedding, go with darker colours and heavy fabrics. For a spring wedding, think light fabric shades.

You should wear a tie, but if you want to skip it, go with a pocket square to add a touch of formality.


The above represents how different suits represent different formality standards. When you're looking for a new suit for a wedding, check out our extensive range of Dublin suits. We have suits for every occasion.


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